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Felted Hat!

hat after felting, sitting out to dry

Well tonight I did several rounds of felting with Diane’s hat. It’s looking good! I ran it through the washer twice, with Diana’s help, since I can’t reach the washer, but then tossed it around by hand in a sink full of hot water for a while. I was at first concerned that it might be too big, but I think it’s taking shape nicely. We’ll see after it dries! I may try hand felting more often. For me, at least for now, it’s a bit easier than dealing with a washer I can’t get to that’s always full of laundry anyway. I hope my cousin Diane will like her hat! It’s a Fiber Trends AC-1 Felted Hat, made with Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, in two colors, “Storm” and “Winter’s Night” held together. In all of the photographs I’ve taken of the hat so far, none has fairly shown the deep shade of teal that this hat really is.

Now to accessorize this hat…. does it need a hat band, or no? If yes, should I make it from the yarn that is the greener color of the two yarns used, or a smoky gray instead? Either way I have a pin to put on it, but I’m not sure now that the pin is a good match. Guess I’ll have to try it and see. It’s a dainty gold-colored floral pin with pink and green stones, but I think the hue of the hat may be too blue. Maybe I shold look for something silver toned, and more modern. Sigh… such decisions…

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