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  • Festival Haul

    Howdy, Peanuts! Do forgive me for not so much with the blogging. My mom’s been ill and was just released yesterday after 11 days in the hospital. She’s had a tough year but I’m hoping now she’ll be turning a good corner. So, what I left out of my blog the other day, was photos…

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  • Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2008

    This year, the theme of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was–RAVELRY!! Here I am with Jess and Casey! Thanks for making sure I could attend and enjoy all of the Ravelry events, guys. You did good. Me with Jessica. The Ravelry meetup was so crowded that I didn’t really get to meet quite as…

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  • As the Sheep Bleats…AKA Another Fabulous Day at the Maryland Sheep And Wool Festival

    Yesterday marked my third visit to the annual Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. This year was extra special because I got to meet so many new friends! See below for my fabuluos images of an unforgettable day! Until I can figure out how to embed my image galleries into these blog pages, you can click…

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  • My Own Warshrag!

    Just had to share! My friend Rhoda came over last Sunday for some quality knit time, and brought with her some dishcloths that she was working on. I admired this one so much that when she cast off she gave it to me! Of course I was attracted to the muted, rainbow-y shades, and I…

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