Festival Haul

Howdy, Peanuts! Do forgive me for not so much with the blogging. My mom’s been ill and was just released yesterday after 11 days in the hospital. She’s had a tough year but I’m hoping now she’ll be turning a good corner.

So, what I left out of my blog the other day, was photos of The Haul from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. So here goes.

First and foremost was this:

strauch wooden ball winder

It’s a Strauch Jumbo Ball Winder. I’ve been wanting one for a while because I tend to buy these really huge hanks of yarn when I go to fiber festivals. This year was no exception.

Mountain Colors Weaver\'s Wool, Mountain Twilight

Mountain Colors Weaver\'s Wool, Sun River

These are both Mountain Colors Weaver’s Wool. The top one is Mountain Twilight, which is deep blue and dark purple, and Sun River, which has oranges, purples, and burgandy. I love them both and couldn’t pass them up.

Socks that Rock Mediumweight, Purple RainI also have to admit that I am no longer a Socks that Rock virgin! I did NOT, repeat, DID NOT subject myself to the craziness that is is the now legendary Saturday Morning Sock Line at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. No, I was saner than that. But, I admit to being mildly curious, and at just after 2:30 in the afternoon I got a whim of “what the heck” and went to The Fold‘s booth and was pleasantly surprised to find that there was some sock yarn left to look at. The one at the left is called “Purple Rain” and of course I love it!

I also got these:

Socks that Rock Mediumweight, Hot Flash
Socks that Rock Mediumweight, colorway: Hot Flash
Socks that Rock Mediumweight, 24 Carat
Socks that Rock Mediumweight, colorway: 24 Carat

I guess the truth is that I could not just pick one color. I now know why the stuff is so adored by the people who buy it. It’s Soooooooooffffffffttttt. It has to be the squishiest sock yarn I have ever felt. Charmin Soft. Really.

Also in the booth at The Fold was this yarn I had never heard of:
Sappho Merino
It’s called Seppho, by the Sanguine Gryphon, and the color is Purple Breasted Muses. How could I pass up a name like that? It’s laceweight, which I generally don’t use, but I have been searching for the perfect laceweight yarn that I would use, if I had some. I think this is it.

There was one more batch of sock yarn:

Wullenstudio Merino Sock Yarn

This is Wullenstudio Merino Sock Yarn, in a colorway also called Purple Rain. I bought two because I have a friend in mind for a pair of socks out of these, and she has some unique requirements that could take more than one hank for a pair. There was a sample pair of socks knit up at the CloverHill Yarn booth, and they were so pretty that they had this friend’s name written all over them. Hopefully I’ll knit them up someday soon!

And so comes the end of the haul. Thank goodness! My wallet is definitely thinner. But there was one last little thing:

Ravelry Tote Bag, soda Mug, Namaste Needle Case

I got myself the much-coveted Ravelry tote! Their online store isn’t quite ready for prime time, but I was able to get one at the party. Should’ve gotten the lapel pins, too, but they’re patiently waiting in my shopping basket of the Ravelry store. I needed another tote bag, didn’t I? Suuuuure I did. You know it. (I won the Namaste Needle Cozy at the party. Since I don’t use straight needles anyway, Diana found a home for it right quick.)

Phew! Aren’t you glad that’s over? PS… don’t show this post to my husband. He’d faint.

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2008

This year, the theme of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was–RAVELRY!!

Trish, with Jess and Casey from RavelryHere I am with Jess and Casey! Thanks for making sure I could attend and enjoy all of the Ravelry events, guys. You did good.

Trish and Jessica Me with Jessica. The Ravelry meetup was so crowded that I didn’t really get to meet quite as many folks as I was wishing to meet. I did get my sticker, but thank goodness I already had a button, because I hear they ran out. When I went up to try to get my sticker, my chair dug a hole in the muddy gravel and it took several guys to help me out. Oh well, that happens!

Me with buttercups in my hair

My buddy Steve picked a bunch of little buttercups and stuck them in my hair, and in my shoes, and, and, and…

traditional music, banjo, dulcimer, bass

As always, there was the sound of traditional festival music that filled the air. This sort of stuff always makes me think of my dad, and it makes me happy.

ladies petting yarn at festival booth

I don’t know these women but they were sure petting some pretty yarn! (There was lots of petting going on, everywhere I looked!)

The Fold, a.k.a. Home of Socks that Rock

Since I am finally learning to knit socks, I decided it was time to pay The Fold a visit and see if there was any Socks that Rock yarn left. The selection wasn’t huge, given that it was probably about 2:30 in the afternoon and all, but honestly I thought it would be completely sold out, given all the hype I’ve heard in previous years. I managed to get three colorways of mediumweight, but more on my festival haul in tomorrow’s post.


I didn’t actually go into the sheep barns this year, but outside some sheep were getting washed and this one was being particularly noisy! She’s cute, isn’t she?

Trish with Mary-Heather of Ravelry

Steve and I headed out just after 4:30 and went to Columbia for dinner. We had yummy ribeyes at Clyde’s, and headed around the lake to the Sheraton for the Ravelry party. Here I am, finally getting to talk with Mary-Heather, who was super sweet! I really enjoyed meeting her. Getting to the party was interesting… the only way I could get to the pool area was by cutting through a room that was hosting someone else’s wedding. I’ve never been a wedding crasher before. Haha!

Team Ravelry, making announcements

After mingling for a bit, Casey, Jess and Mary-Heather went to the front to say some thank you’s and do the door prizes and dream stash giveaways. I won a Namaste needle cozy. I don’t knit with straight needles so I’ll either find someone to give it to or I’ll find a use for it somehow! But it was fun to win a prize!

Steve learns to spin a yarn

At the party, my friend Steve decided to sit inconspicuously in a corner by the door, so he’d be easily seen by me, but not noticed by anyone else. Ha! I turned around and found Steve spinning yarn with a drop spindle! I’ve been trying to get him to play with fiber for years, with no success. Then this total stranger is standing there spinning and next thing I knew, he was doing it, too. Unfortunately I did not get the lady’s name…

Steve shows the bit of yarn he spun on a drop spindle
Steve shows off his little bit of spun yarn.

Giant Bob Window Sticker
Of course, Bob was there in spirit! All in all, it was a seriously fun day, packed with great food, great yarn, great friends, and fabulous fun! I really enjoyed meeting the folks that I could meet, and hope to catch the ones I missed next year. For some reason I didn’t have my camera out much, which is odd, but the crowds were so overwhelming that at times, good pictures were nearly impossible to get. But I have lots of memories of a really great day, and a bit of sunburn to remember it by.

Seriously, I was so worn out that I could not blog until now… I spent the entire evening (about four hours) passed out in my den. Now of course I’m not sleepy! Oh well… I’ll be thinking of the fun at the festival as I try to drift off…

As the Sheep Bleats…AKA Another Fabulous Day at the Maryland Sheep And Wool Festival

sheep face

Yesterday marked my third visit to the annual Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. This year was extra special because I got to meet so many new friends! See below for my fabuluos images of an unforgettable day!

Until I can figure out how to embed my image galleries into these blog pages, you can click the link below to see my pictures from my day at MSW ’07:

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2007 Image Gallery

My Own Warshrag!

slipped stitch cotton dishrag in pastel rainbow shadesJust had to share! My friend Rhoda came over last Sunday for some quality knit time, and brought with her some dishcloths that she was working on. I admired this one so much that when she cast off she gave it to me! Of course I was attracted to the muted, rainbow-y shades, and I commented that wow, what a lovely pair of socks this colorway would make. Except of course that it’s dishcloth cotton, and not sock cotton. But still, it’s yummy, don’tcha think? thanks, Rhoda!

MSW Update

Yay! The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is in only 3 days! For all the members of KnitTalk who are planning to attend, we’re having a quick group meet and greet, just inside the main building, at noon on Saturday, May 5. Can’t wait to see you there!