Knit Afternoon

Marie, Trish and DianaToday we had our second Knitting Group Meetup at the Borders in Bowie. A lovely assortment of people were able to join us. It’s funny, but most of the folks from last month weren’t able to join us, but a whole other crop of folks did! So maybe one of these times both sets of folks will be able to come and then we’ll be on our way to a big group. It was lots of fun! At one point, another lady who saw us knitting came up and asked questions about our group, and she said she’ll be joining us in June! This photo is of Marie, Diana and Trish. Marie was knitting a lovely Lady Eleanor Stole, and I was working on my first practice sock.

Charlotte knits a sweaterThis is Charlotte, mother of one of Diana’s skating buddies. I didn’t know she was a knitter until she mentioned it a few weeks ago so I invited her to come along. Here Charlotte is knitting a sweater in the round on some lovely, soft yarn.

Lola shows her vestThis is Lola, showing her amazing colorful vest. (It looks like it’s at least inspired by Alice Starmore, if it isn’t a Starmore, which I forgot to ask. Maybe I’ll check her Ravelry projects and see.) While in group today, Lola worked on her Mr. Greenjeans sweater.

Pat crochets a baby hatThis is my mom, Pat. She worked on a crocheted baby hat today, but is learning to knit and is doing very well. It was great to have her along, and she really seemed to enjoy talking with everyone. The sweater that matches the hat is beautiful, and the recipient will be one well dressed baby!

Karen knits a clapotis
And this is Karen! It was wonderful to meet her, and I think we will be seeing each other again on Monday when the Harlot comes to town! Karen worked on her Clapotis made from hand dyed sock yarn on size six needles. It’s going to be lovely!
It’s funny how people who never met before can just get together and knit and become instant friends. Karen and Charlotte both have experience with living overseas because of the military life, and Karen and Marie had a previous career with the airlines in common. And we were all completely blown away by Lola’s knitting.
I’m so glad I started this little group! Our next meeting is going to be on May 10, due to Maryland Sheep and Wool on the 3rd and 4th. I’m sure everyone will be anxious to tell about their festival treasures!

Ah… What a perfect afternoon!

Saturday Knitting with New Friends

Jo, Pat, Lola

Today was way fun! Kiva had posted a question on Ravelry about whether the knitting group still met on Wednesdays at the Bowie Borders. I responded that yes, I thought so, but I had never been. With school age kids there’s always homework to monitor, showers to be sure get taken, and flutes to be sure get practiced, etc. So the whole weeknight thing seems out of the question for a good long while. So I posted back that I would love to get an occasional group going on a Saturday afternoon. Even if it’s only once a month. Kiva responded that yes! This sounded like a good idea. So we set it up.

To my surprise, seven people showed up today for our first meeting! My knit buddy Rhoda was there too, and everyone else was from the Ravelry boards. Lola wore a knit sweater and brought two others in progress. Kiva had a gorgeous scarf and brought her mother and daughter along, Pat was knitting her traveling sock, Jo was knitting a gorgeous drop stitch wrap with yarn she had spun herself, and Rhoda was working on her gorgeous (purple!) chevron scarf. I was knitting on my never-ending afghan, and spilling coffee all over the floor. Geez, can’t take me anywhere! Left to right in this first photo are Jo, Pat and Lola.

Rhoda, Kiva, Betty

Here’s a shot of Rhoda, with Kiva, and Kiva’s mom, Betty. There’s Kiva’s gorgeous daughter, too!

Rhoda showed Betty how Magic Loop works, and we all shared stories of how long we’ve been knitting and how we learned. It’s funny, but even though most of us had never met, the language of knitting made it easy to talk and it seemed as if we were old friends very quickly. We talked lots about Ravelry and how much we love it.

Ravelry button says Hello my name is wheeltrish The ladies admired my Ravelry button and are all hoping to get one before the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I’ll have to see if there’s a way to get ahold of some.

Lola works on her sweater

Lola was working on a blue sweater with saddle shoulders from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Without Tears. She puzzled a bit over Elizabeth’s traditionally wordy directions, and showed us all a photo of a completed one on her blackberry. But, before the afternoon was done, the light bulb clicked on and Lola was off and running with the next section of her sweater.

For now, we’ve decided that we will meet on the First Saturday of the Month, except for May. That’s the Sheep and Wool Festival, so in May we will have a Show and Tell session on the Second Saturday. It was great being in the company of knitters, and I hope it will continue!

Of course, I can’t go to a bookstore without brining a few things home! Today my haul included Son of Stitch ‘n Bitch: 45 Projects to Knit and Crochet for Men, and Creative Knitting Magazine. Don’t know why I don’t subscribe to that one; I always like it. Perhaps I should go now and fix that little problem. :-) More later…