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  • Sunday Again

    On this day that feels like a Sunday but isn’t a Sunday (and that fact will mess with our heads for the rest of this week), I have been knitting, my daughter has been tweeting like crazy, my son is practicing his clarinet, my hubby is being amazing by making some needed adjustments to my…

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    Not a Bloggable Kind of Week

    It’s been a bit of a weird week. I haven’t gotten a lot of knitting done at all. Just a couple more little hearts for my Valentine’s goody bags for my co-workers. I’m glad it’s a three-day weekend and I’ll have time to get more done. My cable access was very intermittent until Wednesday evening…

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  • Cascade Cavalcade

    Last week was my first time. My first time shopping at The Loopy Ewe, that is. My impression of the shop til now was that it was mostly about the sock yarns and fibers, and it didn’t have much that would interest an ordinary knitter like me. I don’t know whether my impression was right…

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