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Trish’s Hats

I’m not much of a project finisher, so hats are a good thing for me! They’re small (usually), quick to knit (usually), and (for the most part) don’t cause me too many headaches to make them! In fact, I love making hats most of all. Enjoy the photos!

cantaloupe hat completed and displayed on mannequin head
cantaloupe hat completed and displayed on mannequin head

Project Name: Cantaloupe Hat
Source: Lifestyle Top Down Hats, No Swatch Needed, by Charisa Martin-Cairn
Yarn Used: Noro Kureyon
Needle Size: 4!
Date Started: September 5, 2008
Date Completed: September 17, 2008

Notes: This experiment with Charisa’s pattern yielded something on the continuum between Rastafarian and circus clown. Guess which end of the spectrum I think it’s closest to? Heh. Definitely the hat I’m wearing when my primary aim in life is to embarrass my children. Yes, this will do the job nicely, thankyouverymuch. That and I also like to wear weird hats on very stressful days in the office. At least they allow people to question my sanity for a bit instead of their own. But, I kinda like it! Guess I’m weird, too.

This stocking cap was from a pattern that I purchased from Knit Picks in about 2005 (it’s no longer available). It includes yummy cables knit in a spiral pattern. Completed: January, 2007.

Santa Claus Hat
I made this hat as a retirement gift for a friend at work. It is made with the Fiber Trends AC-01 hat pattern, and Lamb’s Pride yarn from Brown Sheep. Completed: December 2006.

Trish's Purple Striped Hat

This hat was made from the Fiber Trends AC-02 pattern. I also used the Random Stripe Generator to help me determine the width and color sequence of the stripes. Completed: September, 2006

blue felted hat

I made this hat in late 2005/early 2006 for my cousin Diane. it includes two strands of two different shades of Wool of the Andes yarn, and is made from the Fiber Trends AC-01 pattern. Completed: February 2006.

Pink Felted Hat with Butterfly PinI made this felted hat for my daughter, and it is based on the Fiber Trends AC-01 hat pattern. It is an experiment in felting gone bad, as I over-felted and it ended up wrinkly! I added a zigzag cable hat band and a butterfly pin. I also downsized the pattern to fit her young head. She outgrew it quickly. Completed: November, 2005.

Genny's hatThis is Genny’s felted hat, made from the Fiber Trends AC-01 pattern. You can’t see it in the photo, but it includes a cabled hat band that I added. Completed: September 2005.

man\'s stocking capThis hat has a bit of a sad story. I made it up completely myself, including the design. It was my first time working with two colors at a time, and I really enjoyed making it. It was supposed to be a chemo hat for a sick friend. I dragged my feet about the finishing, though, because I had dropped a stitch in the decreases and was afraid to tackle fixing it. He died before I could send it. I then wanted to send it to the cancer center where he received his treatment, but was a bad girl and could not part with it. I still think of him often and think someday I should make piles of hats for that cancer center. Someday never gets here, though. I just need to do it. Completed: April 2005.