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    I’ve Seen the Light!

    I’m going to geek out a little in this post. If you know me, you know I love my camera almost as much as I love knitting and yarn. I’m always striving to take better pictures. I am not a photographer, nor will I ever be, though very rarely my photos do get used in…

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    Flippin’ for Flip!

    Last week, I got a new video camera. I got the Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, in pink. You know what? I didn’t want to like this camera. I really didn’t. But I can’t help myself. I LOVE it. I really do. Over the summer I got a different portable video camera, and I got…

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    If You Squint a Little…

    It kinda looks like a heart, sorta, maybe?? I got the idea from looking at a short video on Vickie Howell’s blog, but mine doesn’t look as “heart-y” as hers. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, right? I have a good friend who has been trying to reconnect by writing letters, and while I’m…

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