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Winding My Way Through the Coffee Shop

Yesterday I went out and got my nails done. i consider this to be a major accomplishment, given that I was coming down off of what was an unusually sucky New Year’s weekend. Not that we ever do anything too exciting, but the friends that we had planned to have over for a quiet celebration had all pooped out on us, and I was bummed. So I picked an unusually intense shade of purple, kind of a dark, gothy shade. It’s one that I’m sure I’m supposed to be too old to wear. But dangit, I like it. So there.

On my way back to the car from the nail salon, I popped into the bookstore, intent on having my last gingerbread-latte-hurrah of the season. Of course, rather than making a beeline for the coffee counter, I snaked my way through the magazine rack. And, ooh-boy, am I ever glad I did. Look what I found!

Knit Simple Knits Plus magazine
Knit Simple Knits Plus magazine

It’s the Knit Simple Knits Plus: Great Fit, Great Style! “Bookazine.” It features 50 patterns in larger sizes, and there are quite a few things in there that I’d consider knitting. It’s great to have so many patterns to choose from all in one place.

While I’m talking about cool new stuff, I have to mention the Kindle Fire I got for Christmas. I love it! So far, my favorite part is the interactive magazines. I’ve subscribed to several, including one knitting magazine. It’s Your Knitting Life! magazine, which I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen on a newsstand, but, I think I like it ok.

I think this is going to be a good tablet solution for me. The iPad is just a bit big and heavy for me to handle, plus I never get to use ours very often because the kids are always on it. Plus I’ve already added some PDF files of knitting patterns I’m working on, so now they’re always handy. I’m looking for other ways to use my Kindle for knitting… so if you’re out there and you’ve figured this out already, let me know.

So I’ll be in my little corner, knitting and reading, and knitting some more. I’ll try to poke my head out and say hi once in a while.

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  1. Marty Avatar

    I got a Kindle Fire for my birthday. I simply love it-the graphics are incredible and you can do anything with it.

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