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Not (Really) Another Book Review

Sampler Knitting, by Barbara Walker
Sampler Knitting, by Barbara Walker
Recently I found this project on Ravelry, and I was on a mission. The maker of it showed it almost apologetically, saying that it was the 70s after all, and she was a teenager at the time. Well, one person’s oddball project truly is a thing of beauty to someone else, I guess. Or at least the idea of it. A couple of clicks and I found out that the concept of this design was from a 1970s book by the great Barbara Walker, Sampler Knitting. Luckily, the book is easily available on the used book market, and within a week or so, it was here.

On the surface, the book seems to take bits and pieces from other existing Walker books. I have all of the stitch treasuries, and even Mosaic Knitting. But this book goes a step further, and talks about how to take those stitches and designs, and put them together to actually make a project.

And yeah, the colors and photos in the book, and the designs themselves, really look like 1973. But, just like all of my knitting books, this one will serve as inspiration for me. I’ve been saying for some time that I want to do knitting as art, and this book has certainly given me some ideas. I think I want to play with the concept of mosaic knitting especially, because a) it’s something new to me, and b) it looks like one of those things that LOOKS hard, and looks totally like knitting magic, but it’s easy! That’s my kind of knitting.

Stay tuned… there’s knitted art in my future.

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