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A Few Flakes

Top of yardstick sticking up out of deep snow
Top of yardstick sticking up out of deep snow

Ok, so more than a few! Yes, that’s a yardstick, showing how many inches of snow we had in our yard this afternoon. The snow started with a quick shower at about 10 a.m. on Friday, and then began in earnest at right about noon. The kids got out of school early and John didn’t bother to go in since we pretty much figured he’d have to turn right around and get them anyway.

The snow blew fast and furious through the night, in a way that I don’t think I have ever seen in my whole life. Blizzards are a rare thing in these parts! The last storm with this much snow all at once happened more than a hundred years ago. 30 to 38 inches was common all over the area. We had just under three feet, I think, and goodness knows when we’ll be able to emerge from the house again. The driveway is slowly getting done but it will be a bit more time before John can dig the vans out.

It’s all good… we’ve got Netflix on Demand, lots of hot chocolate, and no shortage of toilet paper around here. I’m reminding myself often that this is the sort of thing I’ve been wishing for, a few days where I have no choice but to stay home and make myself enjoy it. And enjoying it I am!

The one downer is that my wheelchair charger failed last night and so my batteries are rapidly dying. I do have a spare chair but it hurts my back in an awful way. It’ll probably be the end of the week before I can get to where the wheelchair place is, which is about an hour from here. There always has to be something…

Here’s a gallery of photos of the snowfall around our house. Please do ignore the fact that I did not do my hair or my makeup this morning… I figured no one would be seeing me today. This’ll teach me! (As usual, click on the thumbnail to see a larger photo.)

And here’s our video of the snowfall:

The rest of the weekend (and probably Monday, too) will be for cleaning up and digging out. And more digging, and more digging… but that’s ok. There’s a steamy pot of chili waiting.

Chili cooking on the stove
Chili cooking on the stove

3 responses to “A Few Flakes”

  1. dina Avatar

    Hi Trish,
    Love your pics and video. What a store, eh? Love it! Have I ever told you how much I love chili? It’s the perfect food as far as I’m concerned! Well chili plus all the fixins: tortilla chips, cheese, sour cream, diced onion. Mmmmm…wish I could come over for a bowlful.

  2. Leslie Avatar

    I agree with Dina. That chili looks yummy!!

  3. Marty Avatar

    A good day for a big pot of chili and watching the Super Bowl (while knitting, of course!) We’re not snowed in but it’s still a good day for hunkering down.

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