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Just Testing

Cat photo
Cat photo
The amount of white space around my photos has been bugging me so excuse this dumb little post as its only purpose is to try out an edit I just did to my photo script that will hopefully tighten things up. This is Tegan, who is usually only too happy to oblige for an emergency photo pose, more so than even my human children. (Well, not entirely true. The little guy is still a camera ham, but the teenager? Fuhgetaboutit.) Besides, it’s the middle of the night so a cat photo would have to do.

I guess I’d better go check and see how this sucker looks. Let me know what you think, too, ok?

Only one more day of work this week, then we get a four day weekend around here. I’m already looking forward to it, believe me. Guess I’d better get to bed for now…

Edited to add… ok so it’s the style sheet dictating the white space around the photo. I thought it was my photos, which have some white space around them to accommodate the drop shadow. Oh well… maybe I’ll get up the gumption to mess with the style sheet sometime soon…

Edited again… Ok I played with the style sheet. If you look at the cat photo versus the tomato photo below, it is now obvious that the tomato has more white space around it. I think the tomatoes have too much white space, so I think I’m happy with the new spacing. Am I weird, or is it ok?

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Listen to this article

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