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The Joys of Summer

Mouth watering and delicious
Mouth watering and delicious
I can’t tell you the number of ways that I love summertime. There are so many! But, chief among them? The FOOD. That’s what summer is about to me. All those lovely, fresh fruits and vegetables which are tasteless and colorless at other times of the year come alive with color and flavor in summer. Tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, sweet corn on the cob… oh, just thinking about all of it just makes my mouth water. Some summers go by in a blink around here and I miss some of those great flavors before they pass me by. This year, I’m going to make a point to savor it all. The best thing? My favorite thing about summer is fruits and vegetables… practically guilt free, and good for me too.

Yesterday I spent most of the day nursing a lingering migraine. Spending the day in a dark room with my eyes shut was not my idea of a good time, but it was necessary. Even though my headache was not gone by evening I was itching to get out of the house for even a few minutes, so I went to the store to pick up a couple of essentials, then we stopped as a family at the Rita’s Italian Ice stand. I wish I had brought my camera, because by the time we were done, BoyZilla was dripping in sticky grape and was a perfect vision of what summer is all about. I do confess that for me it was a chocolate custard, but next time I will get a lemon-cherry combo ice. Yes, I am already hoping for a next time, though I know that I cannot expect that any other trip this summer will be on an evening as lovely as last night. We’ve been having warm weather with no humidity this week, and that is truly a rare event worth celebrating.

Ok, it’s time for work! At least it’s a short week.

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3 responses to “The Joys of Summer”

  1. Jen Avatar

    I have been LOVING the weather up here! And I’m so looking forward to those great summer fruits. They didn’t exactly grow locally in south Texas. I even took a picture of a corn field during my TwitPic journey north because I’m looking forward to that great corn on the cob so much!

  2. Marty Avatar

    There’s nothing like locally grown summer produce. Look at today’s entry on my blog to see the strawberries I picked out of the garden this evening. Sweet as sugar!

  3. Gary Presley Avatar

    I have a friend who refuses to buy a “grocery store” tomato, those shaved tennis balls someone paints a light pinkish-red and passes off as a living/growing thing. He uses canned tomatoes in his salads. I think, long ago and far away, it was the difference between shipped tomatoes and vine-ripened tomatoes that alerted me to the influence of factory farms on our foods.

    My parents were fabulous gardeners. Sadly I did not inherit that gene, but I do know how to find the local farmer’s market.

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