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New Stuff in the Knitting Bag!

It’s been a mundane Saturday at my house. But, perhaps I’ve needed one. My DH let me sleep in til 11:30 this morning. I can’t remember the last time I did that! I got quite a bit of knitting done on my scarf in progress, but I am not going to show you that. Let’s just say it now looks like it’s going to be a scarf when it grows up, but realistically, there’s no chance in you-know-where that it’s going to be done by next Sunday. So instead, I thought I would show you some of my latest knitting-related acquisitions. First, I’ll start off with a wonderful new book I got while at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this year.

Everything Old is New Again for Baby

This adorable little book, Vintage Baby Knits: More Than 40 Heirloom Patterns from the 1920s to the 1950s is really no little knitting book. It contains a plethora of patterns for babies. My mother had some old knitting books from the 50s in her collection–I remember reading them and not understanding a thing about what they were trying to tell me to do. Many years later, I of course became a knitter, and you know what? I went looking for those patterns, and was dismayed to discover that I still didn’t understand them. This book attempts to solve that problem. The author, Kristen Rengren, is a lover of vintage knits and has translated some classic baby wear designs from decades past into modern knitting language and modern yarns.

The photographs in the book are just too adorable for words; who could resist all of the adorable wee babes wearing beautiful knitwear?

There are many cardigans to choose from, and cute little booties and soakers, and pullovers and blankets, and an adorable hat or two. There are even some toys tucked in there, so just about everything you could ever want to knit for a baby is contained within the pages. An adorable sailor sweater and classic argyle are among the vintage looks… and lots of lacy, delicate little things that just make it so fun to dress the little one. There’s even a gorgeous christening gown, that maybe if I start it now, I’ll be done by the time my 13-year-old daughter becomes a mother (sometime in her 30s, of course!).

I see that Amazon has this book for a very reasonable price, so if you love to knit baby things, go get this book now! You won’t regret it. I paid list price, but I don’t mind. I got to meet the author at the festival, and see? Mine is signed:

Kristen Rengren signed my copy of Vintage Baby Knits
Kristen Rengren signed my copy of Vintage Baby Knits

You Spin Me Right Round

Also while at the festival I bought one of these:

Golding Drop Spindle
Golding Drop Spindle

It’s a drop spindle by Golding and it is a beautiful thing. Now, I’ve tried my hand at drop spindling a couple of times, and I haven’t had much luck with it yet. I bought some practice roving at the festival for a very good price, and I’m going to learn how to spin if it kills me. Why, do you ask, am I so thusly determined? Well, wouldn’t YOU be determined if THIS was waiting for you???

purple, olive and brown roving
purple, olive and brown roving

Uh huh. I thought so. When I start something, I dive in with both feet. I wasn’t content just to have my little inexpensive scratchy roving. I needed an incentive, and this is it. It’s a Lorna’s Laces Wool Top Roving in the “Purple Iris” colorway. It is SO soft. I’m half tempted to stick some wiggle eyes on it and call it a stuffed animal and let it be. Who am I to think I can make some pretty yarn out of that? I hope I can do it some bit of justice. Meanwhile I’ll practice away on my gray Icelandic roving. I’m sure my yarn will have some interesting textures, but isn’t that half the fun?

Meanwhile, I’ve got a scarf to finish. Better run. See you soon!

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5 responses to “New Stuff in the Knitting Bag!”

  1. Trish Avatar

    If it’s not done by Sunday,it will be fine… people understand, and they appreciate hand knit so much more…. Your blog is great! Also, your DH is great for letting you sleep in!!!

  2. Theresa Avatar

    Love the fiber, and I will have to look for that vintage patterns book. love your blog!

  3. Zaneta Avatar

    That roving is gorgeous!! I want to learn how to spin this summer!! 😀

  4. victoriag Avatar

    Beautiful, beautiful spindle! I haven’t had much success with a spindle yet…but I do love my wheel 🙂 Roving colors are gorgeous…and the book! Oh how I love vintage knits…especially baby!

  5. Emerald Avatar

    I was saying the same thing about my pretty roving and spinning ability, but I surprised myself. Go for it! It will get easier with practice.

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