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Saturday Sweater Report: Week 5

It’s that time again! Here’s the sweater progress update at week 5:

sweater yoke after 5 weeks of knitting
sweater yoke after 5 weeks of knitting

It looks like half an inch a week is about all I’m good for with this thing. To top that off, I’m up to my eyeballs in knots again and the yarn is driving me mad! I am this close to cutting it again so I can work on the knot. Some of us got together at Marie’s house today and Alice worked on my knots for quite a while, but I do think the whole ball is a mess.

I’ve got quite a few inches to go before I can even start on the lace section. Maybe 5 more weeks and I’ll be there! I must say that I am growing ever more jealous of the folks who can burn through their knitting at lightening speed.

I do love the February Lady Sweater! But I understand now why the original design was done with worsted weight yarn. I am a little nuts for trying it with Tess Yarns Raw Silk, but it is pretty and it does feel wonderful! I think I may get some more of this fiber next weekend at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Can’t wait!

Today I went to a jewelry show and knitting party at my friend Marie’s house. It was a blast! Several of the folks from knit group were there, and it was wonderful that Marie’s house is accessible to me. I’ll post my pictures about it tomorrow.

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Listen to this article

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  1. Samsara Avatar

    Oo, that’s on my to do list! I guess I’ll definitely be doing it in a thicker yarn then! I love top down knitting but it takes so long to get to the end of the row and you don’t feel like it’s moving very fast!

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