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Lonely… and Totally Square

Noro Kureyon squares in progress
Noro Kureyon squares in progress
I’ve got the blues. The “when the hell’s this winter gonna be over?” blues. And, the “I really wish I didn’t have to work ever again and could just sit and knit all day” blues. Sigh.

Good thing I’m into color, because this blanket in all its weirdness is the bright spot in my days lately. I’m loving the simplicty of the garter stitch and the constant surprises as the colors unfold. Each time I start a new square I have to contain myself from squealing with glee, practically, even though most of the time, no one is listening.

The cool thing about Noro Kureyon is that the color runs are so long that I can switch off from one end of the ball to the other, thereby doubling my color choices. It’s like a wonderful game for the easily entertained. And that, my friends, would be me.

But I must stop. I have about three more hours of work to do before bed, thanks to a tragic brain fart I had while saving an HTML document preparing an HTML e-mail newsletter. I’ve got lots of code to strip before bed and I hate that I haven’t been able to face it all evening, so I’ll be up late again. Ah well, at least I can knit again before breakfast, which will be sometime after the customary three-hour’s nap that I’ve been calling an excuse for a night’s sleep lately.

Do I sound grumpy? You Betcha.

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Listen to this article

3 responses to “Lonely… and Totally Square”

  1. Marie Avatar

    I’d love to be able to drop everything and knit all day long too. I haven’t done any knitting in 4 days! The Noro is beautiful.

  2. Samsara Avatar

    Lovely squares! The colours in Noro look amazing! I wish I could get some here but I have a feeling that if I could it would be out of my price range…especially with so much stash to hide as it is!

  3. Sylvie Avatar

    that looks really nice! lovely colors

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