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Candy Hearts

small knit hearts in various colors
small knit hearts in various colors

I’m totally obsessed with Valentine Hearts. I started last week with the full-sized version, and once I finally figured out how they worked, I was able to downsize to these cute teeny hearts. I started by casting on 31 stitches instead of the 61 called for in the original pattern. At half size, I can do a heart in about 45 minutes.

The cool thing is that I don’t think I’m even going to weave in any ends, because I’m going to use them to tie onto little baggies of candies for my co-workers, kids, and a few other friends. I don’t know how many I’ll get done between now and Valentine’s Day, but we’ll see!

Bloggy Stuff

I moved my Feedburner blog feed to Google today. They say the transition will be seamless. We’ll see about that. I’m a little nervous. I’m just starting to gain a few readers here and there, and so I hope I don’t lose anybody!

All this technical stuff makes my head explode. I’d really rather just be knitting.

Good night for now!

Listen to this article
Listen to this article

2 responses to “Candy Hearts”

  1. Ruth in So. MD Avatar

    Very cute hearts! You’ll have to show us a couple when you use them on the bags on candy.

  2. Daniele Avatar

    Too cute!! Love all the different colors. 🙂

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