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Oh, the First Snowfall of the Winter….

DH and I telecommuted today and for a moment this afternoon we looked out and saw this:

snow clouds hang low and threatening
snow clouds hang low and threatening
snow shower
snow shower

And then? Just like that, it was gone. It would have been great for knitting!

Here’s One from the “Now I’ve Seen a Knitting Book for Just About Everything” Department

I recently received a copy of the book, Knitted Icons: 25 Celebrity Doll Patterns, and let me tell you. Now I think I’ve seen everything. This book features a pattern for a basic knitted doll, and depending on how you accessorize, it can be anything from Madonna to Marilyn Monroe or Abraham Lincoln, or Jimi Hendrix. For some reason, there’s even a Che Guevara doll. If you’re into knitting dolls, or doing knit projects that are a bit off beat or downright amusing, then this is the book for you. Me? I think I need a knitted Audrey Hepburn.

In other knitting news, if I have any, I’m still working on my giant mitered square, and the hat for my daughter. But I really need to get motivated to finish the brown ripple afghan so I can get that one off my plate. Hopefully, I’ll have an update on that project soon. I’m hoping that mentioning it publicly will motivate me. Wish me luck!

Listen to this article
Listen to this article

One response to “Oh, the First Snowfall of the Winter….”

  1. Hannah Henderson Avatar

    Hi, I’ve got the Knitted Icons book and so far I’ve made Audrey and Jimi Hendrix – they aren’t my best work, but there are photos on my blog if you are interested.
    Best wishes, Hannah

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