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Autumn Knit

Today, being the first Saturday of the month, the Bowie Borders knit group had our monthly meetup. As usual, it was a lot of fun!

To view the photos in larger format, click the picture once to go to its thumbnail page, then click again to embiggen. I have no idea why WordPress makes you click twice.

Ann also joined us but left before I could snap a photo, and Carla, who was visiting us for the first time. She was knitting a sock with some Wullenstudio yarn that was a gorgeous bronzy-brown color. There was another woman in the store who saw the group of us knitting, and came over to ask about our group and whether she could join. Of course we said yes! And we’re looking forward to seeing her next time.

Speaking of next time, our group has decided to meet twice next month to accommodate everyone’s schedules who wants to get together. So the gang will gather on November 1 and November 15. Hope to catch everyone in November!

Back to the knitting…


Did anyone notice that the Yarn Harlot commented on my September 29 blog post? My heart is all a-flutter! What a cool surprise that was. Go look!

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  1. Gosia Avatar

    I can’t believe how fast you knit. Every time I look at your blog you’ve finished something! You are my inspirations I’m from Poland and I love knitting too, I’m inviting

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