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One Down, One More in Progress

baby sweater update
baby sweater update

Lookie! I got a sleeve done! Unfortunately I still don’t think I’m going to be done with the whole sweater by Sunday, but once in a while, miracles do happen. So, just in case I’m due for one, I’m going to keep at it. Either way, I can taste FO status coming. C’mon everybody, say it with me now:

I think I can
I think I can
I think I can

My favorite part of the sleeve is the little cuff, with the split cuff on the inside so it flips up so cute. It’s a little hard to see in the photo because the sleeve cuff is blending in with the sleeve right there, but I happen to think it’s darling. I did sort of wing it as I went, but I was smart enough to make notes on the sleeve as I worked it so that I could replicate the same sleeve on the other side.

Wanna see the cute little buttons I found?

closeup of button for baby sweater
closeup of button for baby sweater

My mom and I went shopping at Jo Ann’s over the weekend. The buttons say “genuine shell” on them, which I suppose means they’re made of seashells, but who knows? I hope they are. In any case, I think they’re a great match for the colors in the sweater.

Ok, I better shut up now and keep knitting. Keep the positive vibes coming! I’m feelin’ it!

5 responses to “One Down, One More in Progress”

  1. Opal Avatar

    Those buttons really are perfect! They match beautifully!

  2. Lisa Avatar

    It’s a beautiful sweater. I love the button!

  3. beverly Avatar

    Peeking in on your blog – that’s a very nice sweater. cables and buttons! One lucky baby!!

  4. tata Avatar

    The buttons are a perfect match! And honestly, Trish, I’d be surprised if you aren’t done by Sunday – you are soooooo close and you have been faithfully knitting away. I bet you get it done by Saturday!

  5. knittyknatty Avatar

    The buttons you chose look to me to be made of mother-of-pearl. They are beautiful, the sweater too.

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