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Knitting row marker
Knitting row marker

When you knit something as small as a baby sweater on size 2.5 mm needles, progress can seem slower than slow, and very ungratifying. Especially for a sometimes hyper ADD knitter such as myself, who wants it all, and wants it all, NOW. Some time ago I read on Kelley Petkun’s blog that she uses a row marker to help her track her daily progress. She was particularly impatient with the progress of her plain black socks for Socks for Soldiers, and this little row marker thing seemed to help.

So I got myself some row markers, and I’m giving it a try. What you see here is my progress since this morning, which doesn’t seem like a lot, until you remember that I work full time and so I only have had some commute knitting and a wee bit of time after dinner so far today. And, need I say it again? This sweater has more stitches per row than my giant brown ripple afghan (sadly, still in progress). Big blankets are a challenge to do because of the size of the project. But, I’m discovering, so are tiny baby clothes in sock yarn with small needles. These itty bitty miracles of knitting are actually, quite deceptively, enormous.

Did I mention that the shower is on the 24th? That’s right folks, 11 days to go. Yikes.

And, for the record, here is today’s shot of the whole sweater. See? I am really getting there:

baby sweater progress report
baby sweater progress report

But alas, this is my own personal Olympics. Finishing this would be as good as gold to me.

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