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Stash Containment

wool of the andes yarn in multiple colors

Today was a really productive day. My knit buddy Rhoda came over with her daughter, Sarah. They were on a mission. Today was the day that we were going to organize every ball of yarn I own, and all the little doo dads that go with it.

They arrived at about 10 a.m. and before I knew it, every bit of yarn in my house was dumped onto my den floor. Rhoda said she thought there’d be more. People always say that about me. Turns out my yarn stash isn’t that bad.

We decided to organize my yarn by type. So, all the wools are together, all the cottons, all the sock yarns, etc. I had attempted to organize my stuff recently and even started a box numbering system, but now, knowing that all of my cottons are together in one place, it’s somehow easier. I had enough wools to fill two Rubbermaid tubs, which didn’t surprise me. So that had to be split up. It did surprise me that I had as much cotton yarn as I did. Equally surprising to me was that I had such small quantities of both luxury yarns AND cheap acrylics, so, oh the dichotomy! They are in a box together. Also placed neatly into crates are my UFOs (that’s UnFinished Objects, for non-knitters who might be reading). I have one crate for the really hot, active projects, and one for the longer term projects. Now, everything has its place.

I also reclaimed a rolling cart/bin thingy from my kids, which has my needles, accessories, and related crafting supplies all neatly arranged. Now I have a place for all of it, it’s not in a huge jumbled mess, and I can reach it all! How cool is that?

We didn’t tackle the knitting library today. That’s a huge project all its own. But I feel like I’m well on my way, with a huge thanks to Sarah and Rhoda! Huggers!

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