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It’s an Addiction, I’m Tellin’ Ya!

Namaste Laguna Bag, Turquoise

I shoulda’ known something was up when the Namaste Executive Bags began disappearing a couple of months ago. I thought to myself, I had better grab one, now. So I did. Like an idiot. If only I had waited another month. How was I to know they were coming out with something even better?

Introducing, my Namaste Cali Collection Laguna Bag! I loved my Executive, for about a minute, until I tried to jam my WIP afghan into it. It just didn’t really fit. I don’t know if it’s because this bag is softer, or what, but it holds the afghan, and my obnoxious, oversized wallet with shoulder strap, with actual room to spare. There’s even a zipper pouch in the middle — woo hoo! It’s big enough to hold all of my knitting notions. And they’re not going to fall out like they would have out of the inside pockets of the Executive. That one only has elastic on the pockets. (Yes, the Executive has a SIDE that is zippered, but that is where, presumably, one would put one’s wallet and personal stuff. My notions were in the other pockets and were constantly falling out because the bag wouldn’t close because my project was too big for it.) And it has a shoulder strap. So I can hang it on the back of my chair if I need to.

Did I mention that the afghan fits inside, AND it still closes? A bag big enough for this had eluded me.

Namaste Laguna Bag, with stuff inside

Here’s a photo with my afghan tucked inside and my obnoxiously large wallet peeking out on the other side. No, it’s not even completely full. I am suitably impressed. Finding a bag big enough to hold my stuff has been a big challenge.

Namaste Laguna Bag, closeup of magnet closure

And here’s a closeup of the magnet closures. When the bag isn’t quite full, the top of the bag sort of folds over on itself. If it’s quite full, it is more completely upright, as shown in the first picture. Yes, even with the afghan inside, the top of my bag still folds over. I only propped it up for the picture.

I think I am in bag lust! Help me!!

And as if this day could NOT get any better, my Spring ’08 issue of Interweave Knits arrived today. Is this Nirvana?

Namaste Laguna Bag, dimmer light and truer color

Ok, last one! This photo was shot in dimmer light and is probably more true to the color of the bag. Thanks to the folks on Ravelry for asking!

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  1. cinders Avatar

    That looks a great bag. love the colour. I’m a big fan of duck egg blue

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