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Happy New Year!


A couple of weeks ago I purchased the Knit Wit Flower Looms from Bucilla while strolling the aisles of my AC Moore store. (Boy, was I disappointed with their yarn selection, but that’s another post for another day). I remember having something like this as a kid but not really understanding how it worked or having the patience for it. Now I’m feeling a wee bit nostalgic for some of those 70s feeling things (minus the burnt orange yarn) and I am wanting to create something with flower motifs. Don’t know what yet, but I guess I’ll figure that out.

I am making progress on Miss Z’s Blanket, but not so much that it’s time to post another photo. I’ve gained maybe about 3 inches since my last post. Thank goodness for bulky yarns. I want to weave in some ends and switch the project to my new Harmony needles because the next yarn I have in mind is slippery. Also I want to weave in some ends before they become too unwieldy to manage.

Speaking of Harmony needles, I took my kit out and put all of the needles in the zipper case, and realized immediately that my kit has spaces left for size 13, 15, and 17 needles. So, of course, I ordered them. Also a couple of doohickies and some books. For some reason I have misplaced my Knit Picks needle sizer so I ordered two more, one for each needle case. I’ll probably find the lost one when I clean up around here, but I guess one can never have too many tools!

Diana Knits Again!

TLC Baby Amore yarn, blue, pink, white, varigated

So a couple of weeks ago, Diana tells me that her homeroom teacher is expecting a baby. She decides she wants to use my leftover yarn from my rainbow stripey baby blanket. So I give her the yarn, and some needles, and right away, she hates it. The yarn doesn’t have a lot of give, and keeps pulling off the needles as she is trying to negotiate her first row into her too-tight cast on. The needles I had in the size she wanted to use were my Knit Picks Options, which were too slippery for the job and her novice hands, anyway. So off we went to AC Moore, and I purchased a bamboo circular needle. While we were there, I worked on her to NOT use that garish, rainbow yarn for a baby blanket for a newborn. Thankfully, she chose some TLC Baby Amore and decided to do a very simple, striped baby blanket in garter stitch. She plans to vary the width of the stripes and switch colors when she feels like it. Sounded like a plan to me, so we gathered up her yarn and home we went.

She cast on with no problem on her new size 9 needles of her very own, and she is knitting at a fairly good pace. I’ve included the photo, here:

Diana’s baby blanket in progress

Did I make any New Year’s resolutions that are Knitting related? Nope. The one thing I did say that I wanted to do was to try to go to bed earlier each night. This no sleeping stuff isn’t good for me. Looks like I’ve broken my resolution already! Sigh…

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  1. Knittyknatty Avatar

    Diana’s blanket looks lovely (is she your daughter?). Aah, New Year’s Resolutions…I’ve made a few: to clean my cat’s litter box more often, to wear my night guard every night, and to follow my budget more closely. Happy New Year!

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