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The Blue Flan Hat!

blue felted flat top hat with bowtie pin accent

Well I finished it! This is my Fiber Trends AC-01 hat with wide brim. I was afraid I wouldn’t get it done in time for its recipient’s retirement party on Thursday, but with a little luck (and staying up til 2:00 a.m. this morning over a hot sink!) I made it just under the wire. The dome of the hat wasn’t quite coming out the way I originally wanted to so I grabbed it around the edges at the top and pinched a crease in the wool to create the flat top. It kinda looks like a big blue bowl of flan, eh? Not really… I think it turned out cute. The wide brim is a bit much on my head but my friend wears “big hair” so I think it will go on her head really well. Of course these hats usually take most of a week to dry, so I set it out on the table over a bowl to hold the shape, with a towel and a trash bag underneath. When I woke up this morning the towel was quite soaked! Thankfully a lot of the water came out. But it was still wet enough to need to dry for days, and the party is Thursday! Then my smarty-farty DH says to me, “you know, our big, expensive dryer has a drying rack!” Ding Ding Ding! Give that man a prize! Two 45-minute cycles on medium-high heat and the hat is perfectly dry and ready for its debut.

cardboard round hat box with floral print on the outside

And look at this cool hat box! I mentioned to my mother-in-law that I had been searching online in vain for an affordable hat box for my gift hat, and she said, “I saw these really pretty ones just the other day!” So she went and got me one, and it was only about $7.00 at Ross. I couldn’t believe my luck. Isn’t it pretty? Hopefully I’ll get a photo with the recipient wearing it on Thursday. Yay!

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