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Not Posting Much…

Dishcloth finishedHo hum… It’s the end of summer and I am totally bummed. This week will be the last week of knitting by the pool with my Thursday night knitting buddy, and I am not looking forward to the good time coming to an end.

We have decided to try to get together at least a couple of times a month in the off season, so I am looklng forward to that! This is the first time I’ve had knitting time with someone on a consistent basis, and it’s been fun!

The dishcloth is done! I’m calling it the "Pride Cloth" and I think my friend Carrie in Denver needs to have it. If anybody can make excellent use of a purple dishcloth I am sure that Carrie is the one.

I cast on for a new hat this week; no photos yet, but this one is different! To date my felt hats have all been made with two strands of yarn, and this is the first one I’ve ever done with one strand. I plan to do a multicolored hat band at the beginning of the crown, which I hope will come out well. Hopefully I’ll post more photos soon; I just have to get used to my new camera!

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