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Almost Done!

dishcloth in progressThe dishcloth is almost done! I’m really enjoying it. So much that it will definitely not be my last! I’m calling this one the “Pride Cloth,” and I’m sending it along to my friend Carrie when it’s done. I’d bet that if anybody has use for a lavendar dishcloth in the kitchen it would be Carrie! Haha. I do love this design, which is known as the “ball band cloth” and is featured in the Mason Dixon Knitting book. I love this book! It has lots of neat new things to do with my knitting. I always love something new to try, and this dishcloth has been a winner!

And Just HOW Much Am I Loving Dishcloths?

balls of yarn arranged in rainbow orderToday my knititng buddy Rhoda sent me an e-mail about a fabulous sale at AC Moore on the Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn. I never before would have thought of ever buying the stuff until Rhoda introduced me to the fun of dishcloths. For some reason, I was attracted to the bright colors today, and I came home with this lovely rainbow! I can just imagine all of the color combos I might try to do. And at under a dollar per ball, how can I lose? Even if it turns out to be not much more than a playful experiment, it will be fun trying to make some cute designs.

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