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clapotis getting biggerToday was an all scarf day. I’ve been working hard on my Clapotis made from a single strand of KnitPicks Shimmer, because frankly, I’d like to get moving past the increase section. I’ve been working on it steadily for nearly two months and it’s still not wide enough for the summer shawl I want to make. But I measured it this morning and it’s finally getting close. Of course, it was probably a bit of a dumb idea to make this particular pattern out of a laceweight yarn, but then again, I would suppose that ANY shawl made with laceweight would have thousands and thousands of stitches. So, either way, I should have guessed that this one would take a while. Why oh why do I have to be the slowest knitter in the world?

There are so many things I’d really like to move on and do. I’m getting excited about trying log cabin knitting as described in the Mason Dixon Knits book. I literally have a whole tub of purple yarns that I think might look good all put together in an afghan. I knew I’d been saving them for something! My coworker gave them to me some time ago by now and I was never quite sure what to do with them but then I saw this book and it came to me. How cool!

Diana Makes Progress!

Long pink garter stitch scarfYay! Diana is knitting again! She’s been watching my Thursday night knitting buddy and I as we sit under the canopy at the pool and knit the evening away. I think she’s been impressed by Rhoda’s projects and the fact that Rhoda actually completes things (whereas I have total kntter’s ADD and a finished object is a rarity for me!), and that has inspired Diana to pick up her knitting again. She was brave to try kntting two strands together for a first project, as it turns out that this particular yarn is fussy to work with and gets knotted up on itself very easily and is also prone to splitting. (I don’t remember what it is anymore, and Diana discarded the ball bands long ago.) I think it looks great for a very first project, fairly neat but just irregular enough to give it an artsy feel. Also, Genia, the lady who taught Diana to knit told her that mistkes are just artistic little places to add funky buttons, and she definitely wants to do this with her scarf. It surely will give the scarf that extra edge of personality. And she already can’t wait to wear it to school this fall, to show her friends. Maybe she’ll spark an interest in knitting. I hope she sticks with it this time, but I have new hope because it grew more in one day today than it has the whole time she’s been working on it.

red and blue striped scarfAnd Diana thought I should be sure to include a picture of the scarf I’m making for Steven, which is red and blue, at his request, in honor of his two favorite engines–Thomas and James, of course! I’m knitting it in Brioche stitch, which is sturdy and warm, and alternating colors every two rows so I can carry the yarn along and not have to weave in a bunch of ends when I’m done.

Back to the Thursday Night Knit for a sec… I just want to say that I am really loving getting to know Rhoda, and really loving having someone to knit with! And she always has fun things to share and show! This week she brought a finished Booga Bag, made mostly from Cascade 220 with a center band of coordinating Noro Kureyon. I never would have thought of doing it that way but it sure did turn out cute.

The Best surprise of all was that Rhoda brought a copy of The Principles of Knitting, which she was able to borrow from the libary where she volunteers. Wow! I have heard so much about this book over the years but have never actually seen one. Current prices on Amazon used books are $244 and up! I understand that this book is really sought after, but I can’t imagine that anyone would ever actually pay that much! But it is very big, and full of information. I have lots of reading to do this week! Thanks, Rhoda!!

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