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Le Scarf is Done!

Diana, modeling scarf

Finally, the long-suffering Fancy Cabled Braided Scarf is done!! It only took, what, 2 1/2 months? Ugh. I’ve said it before that I’m a painfully slow knitter. After all that I decided to give it to my stepmother Kathy, as she has admired my cable patterns before and I thought she could use a “hug” from me. We met today at the cemetery where my father is buried. It was cold and raining at the graveside so the scarf seemed appropriate there. Of course, the clouds parted as we were leaving, and the rest of the day was sunny and warm!

This is my daughter Diana, trying her hand at striking a modeling pose. Isn’t she getting big? I think she was a bit sad at first that I gave this scarf away but she already has at least two that I’ve knitted her plus at least two more. So I think she’s pretty well scarfed, and I wanted to give something handmade to Kathy, since she has already crocheted afghans for me and for Diana.

My next project is the Lace Edged Tee from Knitpicks, in the bright orange color of their Crayon yarn, at least officially. My four-year-old son saw today that I was finished with the cabled scarf and asked, “Are you going to make MY scarf now, Mommy?” Ok, so I may be side tracked for a bit. He wants it in two colors, “Blue for Thomas and Red for James” (which most moms of four year old boys will know what he’s talking about!) so I pulled two balls of Wool of the Andes from my stash today and now I’m trying to decide on a pattern. I think I will do something akin to Brioche stitch. We’ll see.

Big Girl Knits is Here!

Big Girl Knits book cover

Finally, the book about ME!! Haha. Not really. But pretty darn close. One of the reasons that the idea of making garments scares the hell out of me is that I’m fat. And let’s face it. Most of the really cute sweater patterns out there aren’t made for fat chicks. At least not until now. Big Girl Knits, by Jillian Moreno and Amy R. Signer, is more than just a book of really cool, hip patterns designed to make the best of our abundance; it’s also chock full of design tips that make real sense. Finally, a book that I can relate to.

Some people are put off by the sort of “in-your-face” writing style. But not me. Sure, it’s a bit blunt, but heck, so am I. Perhaps that’s one reason why I warmed up to it. I loved reading the design tips and understanding where I’ve gone wrong with the vast majority of clothing choices already hanging in my closet. I wish more clothing designers would buy this book and take it to heart.

Finally, a book that gives me the incentive to sit down and try a sweater. For real. Thanks, Amy and Jillian!

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