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New “Do” for Fall!

Call me crazy. Maybe it’s a midlife crisis, you might think, but if I were to be totally honest? I’ve always wanted to do this:

New pink and purple hair
New pink and purple hair

I’m too old to be afraid anymore.

9 responses to “New “Do” for Fall!”

  1. Wannietta Avatar

    I love doing crazy stuff to my hair – I can put on the illusion of normal but there is always an inner freak in me trying to get out & if I don’t let her out by crayola-colouring my hair there is no telling what she will do!! LOL Looks good on ya!!

  2. Robin Avatar

    You go, girl. I always wanted to do green!

  3. Sarasyn Avatar

    Hey, I always do crazy hair like that. I think it’s fun and cheery! You’re awesome for actually going for it!

  4. Sara Avatar

    Looks great!

  5. Jenn Avatar

    Love the hair Trish. Sorry I missed it in person. Hope to catch up soon. Happy Knitting. Jenn

  6. Heather Avatar

    Trish, that it awesome. I love the saying, too. Hafta remember that one (it’s pretty much the way I’ve been thinking lately, too!).


  7. Kiva, Farmstead Lady Avatar

    Love the hair!!!! I haven’t been out to knit in forever – hope all is well!

  8. Lynn Avatar

    I’m 57 and have just had my hair dyed purple – I LOVE it, and so do my children and grandchildren!! Love your look too…haven’t told my hairdresser yet, but I’d love rainbow hair!

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