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Should I?

So, several weeks ago, I got the book, Getting Started Knitting Socks, by Ann Budd. I’ve never made a sock in my life. And I’m curious. So I thought maybe this book would be a good starting point. I would love to know how it’s done. So far, the whole idea of it all is totally mystifying to me. This book, at least, is a good starting point for me. It is very clearly explained step by step, and the drawings and photos could not be better. Durnit, I was hoping I could just say that socks look too hard. But now I know that’s not true. Thanks a lot, Ann! Just what I need. Another obsession. Maybe I’ll wind some sock yarn tomorrow morning before work. (I’ve had some wonderful Lisa Souza yarn in my stash, just in case!)

But see, the thing is, I don’t wear socks. I have to wear an orthotic device in my shoes that is pretty close fitting, so I wear only hose. So, I’ve been thinking that my motivation for actually finishing a pair of socks would be low, since I don’t actually wear them. On the other hand, I know that I do have family and friends who would appreciate handmade socks.

The thing is that I’ve been knitting on my blanket for so logn now that I am dying to try something new and portable. The blanket is getting heavy for car knitting nwo, but I am afraid that if I start leaving it home it will never get finished.

What’s a girl to do? It’s all such a dilemma… Sigh.

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  1. lea-ann Avatar

    Hi Trish . . . after gifting all the socks you care to gift, you could always knit a leftover sock yarn blanket. Have you seen it?

    Lots and lots of knitting!

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